1000 NFT 3D Avatars for the METAVERSE
Designed by 1000 Umpa Lumpas
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Being John Malkovich 3D Avatar NFT Art Collection

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Our STORY : Malkovich, malkovich, malkovich and Malkovich

OUR ROADMAP : Q1/22 malkovich Q2/22 Malkovich Q3/22 Malkovich

OUR VISION : Malcvich, malkovch, makovich, mlkovich, AlkovicH

OUR GOAL : Malkovich, Malkovich !, malkovicH, malkovich ?

YouR profit : a giggle, a smile, a laugh, a funny face, a nice day  ! 

The 1000 NFTs are designed by a dreamteam of 1000 Umpa Lumpas represented by Umpa lumpa Nr. 1 - 4

Umpa Lumpa Nr. 1

3D Concept Artist

Umpa Lumpa Nr. 2

3D Generalist

Umpa Lumpa Nr. 3

3D Specialist

Umpa Lumpa Nr. 4

3D Art Director

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Being John Malkovich 3D Avatar NFT Collection is a Satirical Art Project. 

Just for Fun and not commercial. C 2022 by Miguelangelo Rosario